We would like to welcome you to the Map of the Week tournament:

The Arena Cup

of the "Arena Cup"

version 2.2 - 2002.12.31

1. In order to play in the Tournament you must abide these Regulations.
1.1 This Tournament is organized by the Behemoth's Lair Arena.
1.2 Any changes to these Regulations will be announced on the Arena pages.

2. You must play HoMM4 in any language version.
2.1 If there is any patch released, you'll have to install it (it will be announced earlier).
Points from tournament maps released before the annoucement of a new patch will be counted using the rules from earlier version of HoMM4.

3. Each Saturday there will be annonced the Map of the Week chosen by judge.
3.1 Name of the map will be announced on the Arena site.
3.2 Maps will be available as starting saves.
The starting castle and the difficulty level will be chosen by judge as well.
3.3 Each player has the same starting position.
3.4 Each week there will be one save available.
A score for each map has to be sent during the following two weeks (for this map).
3.5 In the beginning of each month there will be a Map of the Month available (XL or L)
A score for each map has to be sent during the following month.
3.5 The Tournament will be divided into seasons, each 2 months long. There will be a separate classification for each season.
The first season will be July-August 2002.
There will be additional classifications for each map.
3.6 To score points in the classification for a map, you have to finish the map, and the number of classification points will be equal to the score showed by HoMM4.
Because of mistakes and differences that appear in various HoMM4 versions, the number of points wil be counted by loading the save provided by the player and finishing the game.
3.7 The main classification is created in a cup system.
For each place in each map classification there are points awarded. These points are counted in the main classification.

  1st place - 100 pts
  2nd place -   90 pts
  3rd place -   81 pts
  4th place -   74 pts
  5th place -   68 pts
  6th place -   63 pts
  7th place -   58 pts
  8th place -   53 pts
  9th place -   50 pts
10th place -  47 pts
11th place -  44 pts
12th place -   41 pts
13th place -   38 pts
14th place -   36 pts
15th place -   34 pts
16th place -   32 pts
17th place -   30 pts
18th place -   28 pts
19th place -   26 pts
20th place -   24 pts
21th place -   22 pts
22th place -   20 pts
23th place -   18 pts
24th place -   17 pts
25th place -   16 pts
26th place -   15 pts
27th place -   14 pts
28th place -   13 pts
29th place -   12 pts
30th place -   11 pts
31th place -   10 pts
32th place -    9 pts
33th place -    8 pts
34th place -    7 pts
35th place -    6 pts
36th place -    5 pts
37th place -    4 pts
38th place -    3 pts
39th place -    2 pts
40th place -    1 pts

From the Map of the Month are awarded double points.

3.8 At the end of each season (after 8 maps) there will be the final classification posted. The winner will get the Champion title.
3.9 At the beginning of the new season there will be a new main classification started.
3.10 The classifications will be updated on Monday.

4. You need to send the "ending save". After loading this save, victory must occure after pressing the End turn button (on the adventure map) or Auto combat (on the battlefield).
If some other action is needed in order to win (for example digging for the Grail or a move on a battlefield that Auto combat won't make) you have to state it in the e-mail with attached save.
If the victory occures after winning a battle, the save has to be done during the battle just before the final move.
4.1 Saves should be named like this:
code of the season + code of the map + nick.
example: s0708m1Rajst - means it's the save of season July/August made by player Rajst on the map 'm1'.
Saves shouldn`t be packed.
4.2 You can't send more than one save for each map (only the first one will be accepted).
4.3 gOOmiAcK is Judge of the Tournament

and all saves should go to him.

4.4 jOjO will judge in any unclear or unexpected situations.

5. Cheating, map or save editing, etc. is forbidden.
Every person caught cheating will be banned from participating in this tournament, and any other present or future tournament hosted by Behemoth's Lair. Nick of this person will be posted on the site so that everyone will know he/she is a cheater.
Forbidden acts:
- using cheat codes
- using other saves than the tournament ones or starting the game from the original map
- restarting tournament saves
- using trainers, save editors or modified HoMM4 versions
Any other actions than playing the game and load/save should be consulted with the Judge.

Original idea comes from the H3Trio site, where the tournament was made for Heroes III.

translation by Guinea

gOOmiAcK - Tournament Arbiter
Hetman jOjO - Tournament Judge
The Grand Translator Guinea - contact in all matters concerning the english version
Bard WWalker - webmaster

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